In book month, we wanted to know what titles are on the shelves of some of the people who are part of the Fundació del Disseny. The result is an exceptional list of essential readings:

  • The book aims to represent the historical, qualitative and innovative value of Valencian design. Through stories and anecdotes, it highlights consecrated names and projects to current figures who have transcended our borders.
  • Written by Eugenio Viñas and Lidia Caro and designed by Iban Ramón, the publication reveals the stories of the Valencians behind artists like Rosalía, historical brands like Lois or milestones such as the Seville Expo of ’92, among others.
  • The presentation will take place on May 3 at the Fira del Llibre de València.

The Design Foundation of the Valencian Community presents «Escenas del diseño valenciano», a book that, through various stories in which the focus is on “the part for the whole”, a broad and general idea can be formed of the agents, professionals, spaces, objects and various concepts that make Valencia a benchmark in this creative sector.

In 14 chapters, the book covers the lesser-known anecdotes of a selection of figures, objects and landmarks: Renau, the three Valencian creatives behind the designs of the singer Rosalía, Gulliver Park, the designer duo Gallén-Figuerola, the architect of the image of the ACTV nightclub, ceramics as a discipline, the presence of Valencian design at the Seville Expo, the Lois brand, the scenery of successful series such as La casa de Papel, the figure of the fan, the La Literatura bookshelf, Guastavino or the universe of Rubio notebooks. The Valencia City Council has collaborated in the project.

The presentation of the book will take place on May 3 within the framework of the Fira del Libre de València, in room 2 of the Museu de Ciències Naturals del Jardí de Vivers, at 6 p.m. Participating in the event will be Vicent Martínez, president of the Fundació del Disseny, Eugenio Viñas, co-author of the book, Iban Ramón, designer, and the creatives Ausiàs Pérez and Pepa Salazar, protagonists of the chapter La Rosalía valenciana.

  • After a successful edition in 2023, in which the capacity of 300 people was reached, the Fundació del Disseny de la Comunitat Valenciana once again makes «Paradís» a reality, a day of inspiring talks on design, strategy and creativity, which brings together from its first edition in 2020 to national and international speakers from different creative disciplines.
  • This year’s line up is surpassed once again and includes names such as Domestic Data Streamers, Brutto, NYSU, fagerström, Astrid Stavro, AREA17, El Descampao and BOL, Tina Touli and Democracia Estudio.
  • It will take place at CaixaForum València on June 15. The first 50 tickets that went on sale were sold out in less than 48 hours.

This year, «Paradís» continues to have humor as its common thread, but if in previous editions it invited attendees to stroll through the paradise of design, this time it will drag us directly into its depths. Lorena Sayavera as designer of the visual identity and Silvia Tack, who created the illustrations, have been in charge of this. The designer Lina Vila repeats as presenter and Wences Sanz, a design expert with extensive experience in organizing festivals linked to the creative sector, as curator.

«Paradís»’s main objective is to continue promoting the union spaces of the design ecosystem, as well as to continue supporting the culture of knowledge in the creative, economic and social spheres. It is a project of the Design Foundation of the Valencian Community that has the support of the Valencia City Council, the La Caixa Foundation and Impresum.

Tickets can now be purchased and include access to all presentations, coffee, food and free entry to all CaixaForum València exhibitions.

This year, as a novelty, in one of the sessions an episode of the El Descampao podcast will be recorded live, directed by Sergio Mena, winner in 2022 of the prestigious Ondas Award for best radio idea with his series Mirando al Espacio for «combining with great skill serialized narration and surreal humor in comic-pop style sound fiction».

All the information on the speakers and ticket sales here:

València Art & Design Walks is a new cultural leisure proposal open to the public that seeks to get to know València from a different and avant-garde perspective. The art and design walks through the streets and contemporary art galleries of the city will be led by artistic performers passionate about transmitting the creative essence of València. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to experience exclusive meet&greets with local artists and creators. Lasting two hours, they will be held on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, in Spanish and English.

At a time when València emerges as an epicenter of art and design after its designation as World Design Capital in 2022 and chosen as a City of Design by UNESCO from 2023, these routes become an essential activity for locals and visitors. Promoted by Turiart and in collaboration with Fundació del Disseny de la Comunitat Valenciana and LAVAC, Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community, they have the advice of José Luis Pérez Pont, cultural manager and art curator.

«Design, an engine of innovation and competitiveness, contributes significantly to the GDP or employment of our Community from its intensive sectors. But in addition to its economic impact, in these years of creative effervescence Valencia has also been able to verify and quantify the effect it has on the city brand, on its urban planning and the experience of those who live there and visit it, in addition to building identity and therefore heritage. Therefore, the anomaly was probably not having routes dedicated to highlighting the most outstanding design elements of our city until today». – Xavi Calvo, director of the Design Foundation.

The official presentation of the routes took place on Friday, March 22 at the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia, bringing together leading figures from the world of art, design and Valencian tourism. The event was chaired by the executive director of Turiart, Marta Templado, together with the director of the Fundació del Disseny, Xavi Calvo, the president of Lavac, Rosa Santos, and Jose Luis Pérez Pont. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in a pilot route that included stops at emblematic places such as the Espai Guastavino of the Territorial College of Architects of Valencia, as well as in several design spaces such as the Cuadernos Rubio store, designed by the interior studio Masquespacio , and Casa Clarita, the hotel created by Jaime Hayon. The contemporary art galleries Set Spai D’Art were also visited with the exhibition “Noyo?” by Olga Diego and Shiras Gallery, where the exhibition’s own artist, Nuria Rodríguez, explained her work “Escala uno es a mil.” The pilot route culminated with a tasting of the exquisite Valencian truffles Trufas Martinez, accompanied by the Valencian cava Alegría, from the Pago de Tharsys winery.

«València Art and Design Walks represents a new chapter in the tourist panorama of Valencia, fusing the cultural wealth of the city with its avant-garde design and contemporary art. Turiart hopes that this initiative will not only be valued by the local public but will attract visitors from all over the world, and inspire a greater understanding of Valencia’s creative wealth». – Marta Templado, executive director of Turiart.

Design, culture and art tell the new story of València, where both design and local creativity have been key as the main attractions when visiting the city.

Route reservations are now available at this link.

More information: / Tel. 963520772- 657047739 /

  • With the premise of starting a process and not just organizing an event, this documentary shows and highlights everything that being named World Design Capital in 2022 meant for the city of Valencia.
  • The film, directed by Andreu Signes, features the participation of prominent design figures such as Tachy Mora, Jaime Hayon, Marisa Gallén, Óscar Guayabero, Carmen Baselga, Juli Capella, Ramón Úbeda, Xavier Giner, Vicent Martínez, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa and Marisa Santamaría.

The Design Foundation of the Region of Valencia and Filmin, the reference platform for films and series on demand, have reached an agreement to include the documentary in their catalogue, which includes more than 15,000 titles. The audiovisual piece, which was part of the València Design Fest program in 2023, organized by the Design Foundation, will be available from February 19 on the platform.

«The ecosystem and maturity of Valencian design led the World Design Organization to designate Valencia as World Design Capital 2022 in a global project that was not only an agenda of events but the beginning of a change, an initiative that went beyond the local to become a project of national dimension and international projection that positioned the Valencian Community, and by extension the Spanish design ecosystem, as the World Capital of creative talent. Being able to reach all Filmin subscribers to show them what this ambitious project entailed is a great source of pride for us.» – Xavi Calvo, director of the Design Foundation.

In its 60 minutes of duration, the film highlights some of the activities that were part of the capital’s program, taking over the city’s cultural offering in fifty spaces and has the support of the World Design Organization, the Valencia City Council, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE International) and the Provincial Council of Valencia. Likewise, it includes interviews with prominent design figures such as Tachy Mora, Jaime Hayon, Marisa Gallén, Óscar Guayabero, Carmen Baselga, Juli Capella, Ramón Úbeda, Xavier Giner, Vicent Martínez, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa or Marisa Santamaría.

The documentary is signed by Andreu Signes, producer and director of audiovisual projects about creative processes. His works include Sordonora, El Betlem de la Pigà, Tornar al teatre, or “I’m Burning”, a documentary about the process of creating an experimental falla that won 13 international awards.

«It is a choral story of professional voices from different fields of design that gives a transversal perspective on the function, values and future prospects in this creative sector. Professionals such as Philippe Starck, Jaime Hayon, Tachy Mora, Ramón Úbeda, Marisa Gallén, Juli Capella… They bring us closer to their areas of creation, research and work in an informative and experiential way. The documentary shows us the parallel construction of the ceramic pavilion raised in the epicenter of the city, icon of the World Design Capital 2022. A highlight of Valencian design, from its origins to the current heterogeneous fabric.» Andreu Signes, director of the documentary.


And suddenly, December. As an intrinsic task at this time of the year, the time has also come for the Fundació del Disseny to take stock. And perhaps in this case with special sense and conviction, remembering that 2023 has been our first year of activity at the executive and more pragmatic level. Today, the fact of summarizing, evaluating and supporting the milestones achieved becomes a more than necessary exercise.
In the last twelve months we have wanted to understand Valencian design from a transversal perspective: graphic, social, industrial, fashion, architecture, contemporary crafts or urbanism… All of them are disciplines that jointly motivate everyday life and the reason for being of our entity, whether through professionals, companies, public and private institutions or society in general. But, above all, with the help of all those agents who have ensured the good work and the projection of an heterogeneous professional ecosystem.
At the beginning of the year we used with conviction five key words: disseminate, position, celebrate, connect and promote. Five objectives to which each of the projects we have carried out have responded: the beginning of the Consell del Disseny together with the Valencia City Council, the launch of the book “Design is good for health”, the integration of the “Designing the air” exhibition at the G20 summit in India, the launch of the digital museum Icons of Valencian Design together with the Arxiu Valencià del Disseny. We launched the first València Design Fest, which framed the self-produced exhibition “Time and Matter”, combining contemporary craftsmanship and design. We presented the documentary “València 22. City of Design”, a true lesson in design that we will release at the beginning of next year. We celebrated the “Paradís” festival, a meeting point for professionals highly anticipated. We launched the 2nd edition of the international sustainable fashion summit “Future of Fashion”, in which national and international names from the sector gathered, endorsed by representatives of Industry and Culture of the Valencian administration. And finally we were able to celebrate the designation of Valencia by UNESCO as a City of Design, becoming part of its Network of Creative Cities. Definitely, the design has already become part of the new story of the entire Valencian territory, an internationally recognized milestone.
To all this, in addition, has been added a constant collaboration with tourist, cultural or economic projection entities of the Valencian administration, as well as professional organizations at the local, national and international level. Consolidated and highly recognized entities that, thanks to the positioning work throughout 2022, understood the value of design as an asset capable of projecting their image, as well as that of our territory as a whole. And the fact is that design and local creativity have been key in the promotion and international recognition of Valencia as the main interests when visiting the city.
The attractiveness of the Valencian Community has allowed us to weave networks with various international delegations, interested in the positioning strategy developed in recent years. It has also allowed to be a national speaker for projects linked to creativity, open the discipline to a general public eager for cultural programming or as well as give continuity to the collaboration agreements of those schools that have managed to elevate Valencian design in the educational panorama, among other actions.
Referring to the most tangible: the number of people reached thanks to the media impacts achieved has exceeded 615 million users. At the same time, these different appearances in the press—both local, national and international—translate into an editorial value of €799,539.
In total, 20 collaboration agreements have been signed with different entities such as professional associations and colleges, design schools, technological institutes, trade fair events affiliated to the sector or organizations for the conservation and preservation of creative heritage.
Hiring of professionals with direct links to the design sector has reached a total of 62: 10 international, 52 national, and 36 from the Valencian Community. Among them you can find speakers, publishing labels, independent professionals and creative studios, curatorial figures and communication agencies.
At the same time, thank every contribution made in the form of content or trust in economic terms. To the support of public institutions such as the Valencia City Council, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) of the Generalitat Valenciana, the València Activa Foundation, Feria Valencia and Visit València, as well as the General Directorate of Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. From the private sphere, we have received financial support from Andreu World, APE Grupo, Padima, JISO Iluminación, LZF Lamps, Punt, Readymag and Simon.
We thus say goodbye to a memorable 2023 where, between milestones, recognitions and projects, we experienced how the Valencian design scene has expanded to accommodate a true emergence of promoters and new collaborators.
From the Fundació del Disseny, as an entity for the promotion and promotion of design, we will continue with the mission of encouraging institutions, industry and companies to incorporate this discipline into their strategies through our action plan for 2024. Likewise, we commit to continue working with our network of collaborating entities and other aligned organizations, with the desire to continue building, adding and disseminating the culture of design to our society.

– It will be held on 13 and 14 November at CaixaForum València, as a meeting point for industry professionals and the general public with a high level of awareness about the subject.

– The entire programme has been designed under the slogan “From Ideas to Action”, including big names of sustainability activists or sustainability managers in international industry firms, such as the 2000s model and climate activist Lily Cole, or the head of sustainable design at Dior Men, Natalia Culebras.

– The congress is curated by Patricia Moreno, journalist and expert in fashion communication, and celebrates the role of the Valencian Community as the leading region in the textile industry in Spain in terms of its contribution to GDP.


Design will dominate the city’s cultural and professional calendar throughout the month of September.

Exhibitions, conferences, editorial presentations, thematic routes and audiovisual screenings open to all audiences will take place, alongside major events such as Feria Hábitat València, the TAC! Festival and Valencia Disseny Week.

The main objective of the festival promoted by the Fundació del Disseny (Design Foundation) is to continue highlighting the Valencian Community’s image on a national and international scale as a territory indisputably linked to design.

September is synonymous with design in Valencia. The design sector’s calendar is once again focused on the Valencian Community throughout the month thanks to a programme that is open to both the general public and the professional sector. It was within this context, as a brand that embodies the spirit of València World Design Capital 2022, that València Design Fest was born. A festival that seeks to promote the best version of Mediterranean design and to value the conjunction of major events such as Feria Hábitat València, València Disseny Week (organised by the Designers’ Association of the Valencian Community) and the urban architecture festival TAC!.


The Design Foundation of the Region of Valencia was born and develops its activity as a legacy of World Design Capital Valencia 2022. A year of celebration and positioning of local talent that was possible thanks to the previous designation by the World Design Organization (WDO).

With the aim of continuing to strengthen ties, recognition and to continue promoting the use of design to achieve a better world, today the collaboration with the WDO is extended and takes on a new form: making the Design Foundation of the Region of Valencia a new member of the international network of entities adhered to the organisation.

With more than 180 companies and institutions from all over the world, the various members of the WDO represent a global network that collaborates to support the profession of industrial design and promote its contribution to economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

Our country’s links with the World Design Organization (WDO) extend to other highly recognised entities such as the furniture brand Andreu World, Barcelona centre de Disseny (BCD) cluster, CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

On an international scale, the best universities in the field of design and creativity, as well as associations, foundations and institutions ensure the ethics and promotion of the discipline for a more prosperous, sustainable and diverse world. They are all part of WDO’s network of members across five continents. You can find them at

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