«Future of Fashion»: international conference on sustainable fashion


«Future of Fashion»: international conference on sustainable fashion

Future of Fashion is the first international meeting on sustainable fashion in Valencia. The congress is a platform for creation, experimentation and the exchange of knowledge about the transformation of the fashion industries based on six main themes: raw materials; design; supply chain; production; consumption and waste; emissions and biodiversity. The scope of the congress is extended with a two-day programme addressed to the general public and business figures from the sector.

The congress was born in 2022 as a result of the collaboration of World Design Capital with the European SFES project on sustainable fashion led by Lindsey Carey (Glasgow Caledonian University) and Esteban Galán Cubillo (Universitat Politècnica de València). The 2023 edition was curated by the journalist and fashion communication expert Patricia Moreno Barberá as a legacy project of the official program of World Design Capital Valencia 2022. Future of Fashion 2024 is scheduled for the month of October.

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